Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Probably the worse snow in years hit sheffield,and it shouldnt have gone ahead, outside the arena in the attercliffe area of sheffield was like a skating rink, well done sheffield council for your complete lack of gritting and snow ploughing attercliffe common yet the less busy brightside lane was snow free! A lot of people didnt make this gig which im told was down to weller's promoters insisting it went ahead! a completely snowbound carpark and flakes the size of your hand greeted the brave souls who made it, we live 8 miles away on a hill and we had 2 foot of snow by 4pm, a taxi ride to town and the tram got us to the arena square pub to meet a couple of friends and then the journey across the road to the arena,we got in as the bees where playing but didnt venture in to see them, im not the best at remembering the set list,so not in any order but he played amongst others, "moonshine" "wake up the nation" "seven and 3" "echoes round the sun""fast car slow traffic" "aim high" "trees" "up the dosage""push it along" "22 dreams""have you made up your mind" plus corrine bailey rae made an appearance with "wild wood" and "how sweet it is"

 having seen weller over 30 times it was a really different weller stage show from what he has done before,with a camera projecting images of the crowd onto two giant screens either side of the stage and the screens flashing images up of themes from the songs he played behind the stage,it was totally different and just shows you how weller has constantly pushed his own boundaries,only downside i thought was the usual "mod squad" mid 40s blokes dressed in harrington jackets and suede shoes and those silly boating jackets shouting for jam tunes,nowt wrong with weller slipping the odd one in,but it gets a bit boring when the biggest cheer sometimes is for old jam stuff,i was a mod 30 years ago, and im still a mod but i aint a stereotype mod and this crowd really bore me, be individual lads! anyway rant over!!
Jam songs played where "start" "pretty green" and "strangetown" plus a couple of council numbers,to make my night perfect for the encore our own legend Richard Hawley appeared to play on "no tears to cry" "pretty flamingo"and "andromeda" with paul announcing "its cuppa tea and breaky at hawleys in the morning" imgine living up greystones and seeing weller sliding about in the snow outside your house!Last encore with andy crofts(i think) playing guitar and singing a jam classic "art school" which is one of my favs and one of the reasons i got into the jam as a 13 year old.
so a great gig and i reckon with maybe a nearly half full arena,sheffield arena is never a good place for a gig but fair play to weller for doing it and playing new stuff,he could have dragged out all the hits but thank god he is never going to do it! got a couple of pictures but our camera has been dropped,kicked that many times its on its last legs so i may update later with any pictures i find on the facebook or flickr.a walk over to the centretainment for the tram and then a  walk to the railway station for a taxi which took us most of the way home in driving snow and then a 25 minute uphill walk home to be greeted by 3 foot high snow outside our house hence we had to do a few Beatles "HELP" laying in the snow type pictures!!!


  1. What a one sided self indulgent view !! I was one of the mid 40`s Harrington Suede Shoe wearing "mod squad " and I have followed Mr Weller for 30 years and like all his material.... There is no room for musical snobbery in his fans!!

  2. thanx for the report.let me say something about your words about todays mods. i`m a german in the mid 40`s too. FIRST OF ALL : the mod culture is an british culture and it`s difficult to put it in another culture. Most of the german mods in the 80`s was an lausy copy.not individual.they saw quadrophenia.they know NOTHING about the movement,the background and the music.sure not all but a lot of stupid fu**** be a mod is not to wear the right shoes or the right polo. to be a modernist is way start`s with the music jazz, northern soul, all the heroes of the 60`s and so on and on. AND i`m a wellerhead from the beginning.TYPICAL GERMAN so many words like an essay. WHAT i like to say: PETE youre words(be individual lads!) are totally and fu****g RIGHT.

  3. thanks herr pauli,i just think "grow up" when all these middle aged blokes are wearing a "uniform" it looked ok for about 3 months in 1979-80 but squeezing into outdated clothes just makes you look naff,the same "mod squad" all slated weller when he formed the council and i didnt see many of them around 1990-92 when weller resurfaced, it pissed me off a group of "mods" jeered when hawley came on! hawleys brother in law is a huge well known face on the sheffield (proper) mod scene as well!