Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Can you remember the excitment you felt when a new single came out from your favourite band? i was listening to radio 2 the other day and the singer Russell Watson came on talking about The Jam's Town Called Malice single,it got me thinking of a subject that ive discussed with mates and work colleagues over the last few years,it was the excitment of buying a new single or LP, it was an actual event,going back to my youth i would buy the NME and SOUNDS every thursday on my way to school, remember this is when the internet and mobile phones where something from a sci-fi film,and the only way you could keep up with the latest bands was thru these 2 music papers.

along with my mates we would go without school dinners all week to have enough money on a monday to make that trip into sheffield town centre to buy the latest releases,we would all sit on the bus talking about buying the latest Jam or Clash single, then the dash to usually virgin records on the moor to buy singles,it was one of the best feelings in the world at that time to be in possession of that 7 inches of vinyl record,it was like art to myself and my mates,we would sit on the bus going home willing the driver to go faster so we could get it on a turntable, and play the A side,then turn it over and play the B side! then do it all over again! we would sit and pass the picture covers around and discuss them and if the cover was as good as the last one etc,shops i would venture to in sheffield where Virgin records on the moor, Revolution on the exchange street gallery,Record Collector in broomhill,Violet May's at the back of the moor, and usually bradleys on fargate or K&D Records in the subway nr the hole in the road.

it was such an exciting time then to follow bands, i was always at a gig even tho i was still at school me and my mates always found a way in if we didnt have any money.Ive still got most of my 7 inch singles from over 30 years ago, flicking thru them i wondered where all that time had gone, certain records i can put a memory too, whereas sometimes i cant even remember what i did 5 minutes ago!

our son has started listening to music, he is only 8 but its the usual drivel thats pushed at them, its all there for him to get straight away,none of the excitment of record shopping which as i got older and got a job was usually the 1st thing we did on a saturday was hang around the record shops in sheffield (when wednesday werent playing!)
what ive done here is add a few pics of some of my favourite 7 inch singles,its maybe that i like the cover or that the record is a favourite song,just the pure buzz i got out of them at the time,im thinking of doing a complete month's blog of 7 inch singles, one per day if i can get my hands on a reasonably priced USB turntable and convert them to mp3 download files

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  1. oh yes - it was a great time...o.k. the internet and all the blogstuff,mp3,download it`s a goody.
    but the good old days, days where music a great experience - they where good times.thanx for the trip down memory lane.
    allright pete - have nice x-mas time
    your`s Herr Pauli