Thursday, 4 November 2010


Bit of a late 70s pub rock listening going on this week here on fire,this is wilkos 1st album release on leaving the feelgoods, Dr Feelgood where one of the 1st bands who's music i took notice off, even tho i didnt know who they where at the time, a truly awesome band and one of the world's greatest (and underated) guitarist,wilko johnson, the sharp suits and the machine gun delivery of his playing makes him one of the true greats,Enjoy this trip back to 1978!

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  1. Kia Ora Bro - yes I agree a great band from back in the day. I turned on to this music while living and working in the UK in 1979 & again in 1982/83. I had the vinyl version which sadly I lent and never had returned. But am reviving my collection via mp3 on an iPod Touch & was doing bit of a search when I came across your blog. Cheers !
    David in NZ