Thursday, 11 November 2010

THE SATELLITERS "Whats up with timothy dee?"

Heres a band that ive just found whilst searching for something else (yet again) The Satelliters are a Psychedelic,garage,RnB, 60s beat band influenzed by the likes of The Sonics, Kinks, Seeds, Remains, Shadows Of Knight, Blues Magoos, Standells, Kenny & The Kasuals, Byrds, Music Machine, Strawberry AlarmClock,searching for them on the net is a bit vague, as they have a website which doesnt really tell you much,however i found them on myspace and most of what ive found out is from that site,formed in the early nineties the band consists of
STEVE Vocals, Organ, Harp, Tambourine
ALEX Drums
DIEGO Bass-Guitar, Backing-Vocals
ZAHNI Guitar, Backing-Vocals

the band are from germany and also have a very strong hammond organ style to there music,ive ended up with 5 of there albums, and this one is the 1st that ive given a good listening too,its very much hammond based and if you like the prisoners then this is the band for you,this album that ive chosen to upload is from 1999 and im really getting into it,so looking forward to listening to the others, to me these are a new band,if you have heard of them before then please pass on any info you may have on them.
ive been informed by some one viewing the post of this blog which contains quite a lot of  Satelliters releases,many thanks to this person for doing so, the power of the internet!!


  1. Thanx for this, just checked these out good stuff, another good tip Pete after Len Price 3 any chance of you uping there other albums? great blog mate

  2. yes martin i will do, just working my way thru what i have of theres mate

  3. You might find this interesting:

    Though it doesn't give much info either.


  4. Thanx mate, look forward too hearing them