Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I first came across the real people in 1995, having heard there 1st album simply entitled "the real people" the band have often been quoted as a  huge influence on Oasis,They were formed in 1988 by the brothers Christopher and Anthony Griffiths,the original line up consisted of
Chris Griffiths guitar and vocals
Tony Griffiths bass and vocals
Sean Simpson guitar
Tony Elson drums  
drawing inspiration from bands such as the Stone Roses and the Inspiral Carpets, the mainstay of the band and also the writing of the groups songs revolves around chris and tony,the 1st album simply titled "the real people" entered the top 40 in 1991,a further album followed although it never got released,instead a couple of singles where released and a few tracks surfaced on "Liverpool – The Calm Before the Storm" compilation.
There next album is a true underrated classic britpop album, called "whats on the outside" and released on there own Egg Records this is truly there greatest work  It was critically acclaimed but failed to make the charts,which is a complete mystery to me, i got to see the band in 1997 playing at sheffield leadmill one saturday night and it probably had 50 people in, which was a great tragedy, as usual i had a few but can remember that it was a great gig and i got to talk to the chris and tony afterwards,the band recorded a follow up which was never released, but dispite this the band carried on touring,at the moment the line up of the band includes chris and tony plus Martin Lappin (guitar) and Tony McGuigan (drums), the latest news is that the band have a new album for release sometime in december (hurrah) called "think positive" and is on the townsend label, and its about time!!
So heres the  real people  "whats on the outside"


  1. Thanx mate, i remember them, if there back on the gig circuit might try and see em live,like the new look of blog

  2. new album think positive out now