Sunday, 28 November 2010


Its seems like 2 minutes ago when i posted early on saturday morning regarding october's posts,and here we are at the end of november,got a hell of a lot of stuff to upload, although november started slowly and i struggled with listening to music for a couple of weeks as i usually have the mp3 player on at work and due to been busy i didnt get the chance, ive loved listening to the Satelliters this month and hope to post more of there excellent albums in the near future, and as for the mighty sheffield wednesday?well not a bad month although we ended october by losing,still 9 points from a possible 12 and 21 goals plus wins in the fa cup at southport and home to northampton town,which has earned us a 3rd round tie away at bristol city which isnt a good hunting ground for us lately,although the last time i went was in league 1 about 6 years ago and i think we drew,plus a win against hartlepool in the johnstones paint trophy,anyway a great end to the month with the visit of paul weller to the arena more on that later,with a hard drive full of live recordings and various other stuff,  im always trying to listen to it before i blog it and hopefully give a bit of a background on why i like certain bands and what they mean and what there music means to me, so please leave a comment on visiting the blog, theres plenty of you visiting it so please leave a comment!!
Ive got quite a bit of early paul weller solo stuff that ive found recently via various download sites so hopefully i will be getting those up in the next 2 weeks,once ive done the covers and burnt them off for myself to listen to around the house,anyway must get some work done so happy blogging!!
PETE 29/11/10

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