Thursday, 18 November 2010


One of the major pub venues in sheffield which hosts bands up to 7 nights a week is due to stop having live bands in the upstairs room and so another "old style proper" pub venue is to be lost, over the last couple of years trippet lane on which the pub stands has steadily become more and more popular with what we would call years ago, "townies" with the Trippets wine bar across the road now serving beer and lagers, its become an alternative to the packed pubs of west street,as you walk in you are greeted with the old green and white tiles on the walls, dating back to when pubs where pubs,with the room at the back of the bar and the games room and front room, it is truly one of the last original pubs in sheffield to be untouched, up the stairs and you enter the  in to the middle of the concert room,over the years most if not every band from sheffield has graced this stage, and the Arctic Monkeys played there very first gig here.So yet again another concert venue is to be lost, it seems that over the last year or so more and more bands are giving sheffield a miss,with a lot of bands playing 02s around the country but missing the sheffield academy out,plus the octagon does not seem to be putting on many bands now, and the leadmill is getting the same way, one alarming fact is that there seems to be "tribute bands" on quite a lot over at the 02 or "Fucking Cabaret bands" as my mate puts it!!


  1. It is not just Sheffield mate, in central london we have lost the Astoria and r battling to save 100 club! Camden is still not to bad, but i try to go and support my local pub/venue if possible, i saw Len Price 3 In The Fiddler's Elbow which sounds exactly like your Grapes

  2. i think the modfellas are playing the fiddlers elbow in december, they are very good!!

  3. I think that is is the same day as i am going to the 100 club to see The Fuzztones,i will check em out mate, Mr Bridger have invited me to see em supporting The Lambrettas at Underworld 17 dec i will make that!