Sunday, 28 November 2010


Its seems like 2 minutes ago when i posted early on saturday morning regarding october's posts,and here we are at the end of november,got a hell of a lot of stuff to upload, although november started slowly and i struggled with listening to music for a couple of weeks as i usually have the mp3 player on at work and due to been busy i didnt get the chance, ive loved listening to the Satelliters this month and hope to post more of there excellent albums in the near future, and as for the mighty sheffield wednesday?well not a bad month although we ended october by losing,still 9 points from a possible 12 and 21 goals plus wins in the fa cup at southport and home to northampton town,which has earned us a 3rd round tie away at bristol city which isnt a good hunting ground for us lately,although the last time i went was in league 1 about 6 years ago and i think we drew,plus a win against hartlepool in the johnstones paint trophy,anyway a great end to the month with the visit of paul weller to the arena more on that later,with a hard drive full of live recordings and various other stuff,  im always trying to listen to it before i blog it and hopefully give a bit of a background on why i like certain bands and what they mean and what there music means to me, so please leave a comment on visiting the blog, theres plenty of you visiting it so please leave a comment!!
Ive got quite a bit of early paul weller solo stuff that ive found recently via various download sites so hopefully i will be getting those up in the next 2 weeks,once ive done the covers and burnt them off for myself to listen to around the house,anyway must get some work done so happy blogging!!
PETE 29/11/10

Friday, 26 November 2010


 a recent gig from mr weller on his mini tour of the usa, always puts on a good show at the wiltern, ive got another recording of paul weller here from a few years ago which i may post if i think on about it! anyway here you go and i cant F**KIN WAIT for tuesday!!


Thursday, 25 November 2010


 Paul weller, heres a cd ive put together of a few radio interviews he has done this year, is basically a round up of stuff that ive got on the hard drive


 The NME spent a few days with Paul Weller in new york earlier this month, heres the interview and article from the NME,it seems mr weller has around 10 or so new songs with some of them having been played on these american and australian dates,so hopefully there will be some new stuff played on the forthcoming arena dates!


Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I first came across the real people in 1995, having heard there 1st album simply entitled "the real people" the band have often been quoted as a  huge influence on Oasis,They were formed in 1988 by the brothers Christopher and Anthony Griffiths,the original line up consisted of
Chris Griffiths guitar and vocals
Tony Griffiths bass and vocals
Sean Simpson guitar
Tony Elson drums  
drawing inspiration from bands such as the Stone Roses and the Inspiral Carpets, the mainstay of the band and also the writing of the groups songs revolves around chris and tony,the 1st album simply titled "the real people" entered the top 40 in 1991,a further album followed although it never got released,instead a couple of singles where released and a few tracks surfaced on "Liverpool – The Calm Before the Storm" compilation.
There next album is a true underrated classic britpop album, called "whats on the outside" and released on there own Egg Records this is truly there greatest work  It was critically acclaimed but failed to make the charts,which is a complete mystery to me, i got to see the band in 1997 playing at sheffield leadmill one saturday night and it probably had 50 people in, which was a great tragedy, as usual i had a few but can remember that it was a great gig and i got to talk to the chris and tony afterwards,the band recorded a follow up which was never released, but dispite this the band carried on touring,at the moment the line up of the band includes chris and tony plus Martin Lappin (guitar) and Tony McGuigan (drums), the latest news is that the band have a new album for release sometime in december (hurrah) called "think positive" and is on the townsend label, and its about time!!
So heres the  real people  "whats on the outside"

Sunday, 21 November 2010


If you're not on splinters then heres a recent Paul Weller radio appearance in new york, 6 tracks plus interview,many thanks to the lad who recorded it and uploaded it.

Ive made a back and front cover up for this recording please enjoy!!

Thursday, 18 November 2010


One of the major pub venues in sheffield which hosts bands up to 7 nights a week is due to stop having live bands in the upstairs room and so another "old style proper" pub venue is to be lost, over the last couple of years trippet lane on which the pub stands has steadily become more and more popular with what we would call years ago, "townies" with the Trippets wine bar across the road now serving beer and lagers, its become an alternative to the packed pubs of west street,as you walk in you are greeted with the old green and white tiles on the walls, dating back to when pubs where pubs,with the room at the back of the bar and the games room and front room, it is truly one of the last original pubs in sheffield to be untouched, up the stairs and you enter the  in to the middle of the concert room,over the years most if not every band from sheffield has graced this stage, and the Arctic Monkeys played there very first gig here.So yet again another concert venue is to be lost, it seems that over the last year or so more and more bands are giving sheffield a miss,with a lot of bands playing 02s around the country but missing the sheffield academy out,plus the octagon does not seem to be putting on many bands now, and the leadmill is getting the same way, one alarming fact is that there seems to be "tribute bands" on quite a lot over at the 02 or "Fucking Cabaret bands" as my mate puts it!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


This is the 50th post! so heres one of my favourite bands of all time, from the steel city,The Negatives "was it the night?" this is the track that appeared on the  "Bouquet Of Steel" album from around 1980 or so, this album also featured such bands as Artery,B Troop,Comsat Angels,Disease ,Flying Alphonso Brothers  I'm So Hollow,Repulsive Alien ,Scarborough Antelopes,Shy Tots Veiled Threat,Vendino Pact,im going to upload this album later in the week so heres the neg's!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Heres the 3 tracks richard hawley recorded for the glenfiddich whisky promotion. As ever mr hawley is on top form!

Saturday, 13 November 2010


The Negatives where a sheffield band from around 1979-1980 and had a good following of sheffield mods, the band consisted of
Pete Eason-vocals
Fraser charles- guitar
Brad martini-bass
Steve wilmot- drums

The band released one single only on the local aardvark label which was
A Side-Money talk
B Side-Electric waltz

The band also contributed to a compliation album of local sheffield bands called "Bouquet Of Steel"which i think came out in 1980 or so, the band gigged regular around sheffield, i myself saw these when i was 15 or so at the george iv pub on infirmary road and the broadfield pub on abbeydale road, the band is famously known around sheffield for causing a mini riot when they played a record shop in what was the "Hole in the road" one saturday afternoon which got quite mad as it was a area of subways which got filled up with loads of young parka wearing mods with shoppers getting knocked out of the way by gangs of mods all trying to get in the shop,the Negatives played on what was a rather large ground level windowsill,and the police eventually arrived to great cheers to try and move the band on,it was a great moment as when they where told to stop playing in the subway, the lead singer replied "we are not in the subway, we are on the shops windowsill"
The 2 tracks that ive uploaded here are from the  "new wave from the heart" album,also in the file is covers that i made up for the 2 songs,the single im going to get converted to mp3 via a mp3 turntable when i get chance to, anyway heres The Negatives fresh from 1980 with.........................

Dont Say Goodbye
Metallic Thread Shirt

Thursday, 11 November 2010

THE SATELLITERS "Whats up with timothy dee?"

Heres a band that ive just found whilst searching for something else (yet again) The Satelliters are a Psychedelic,garage,RnB, 60s beat band influenzed by the likes of The Sonics, Kinks, Seeds, Remains, Shadows Of Knight, Blues Magoos, Standells, Kenny & The Kasuals, Byrds, Music Machine, Strawberry AlarmClock,searching for them on the net is a bit vague, as they have a website which doesnt really tell you much,however i found them on myspace and most of what ive found out is from that site,formed in the early nineties the band consists of
STEVE Vocals, Organ, Harp, Tambourine
ALEX Drums
DIEGO Bass-Guitar, Backing-Vocals
ZAHNI Guitar, Backing-Vocals

the band are from germany and also have a very strong hammond organ style to there music,ive ended up with 5 of there albums, and this one is the 1st that ive given a good listening too,its very much hammond based and if you like the prisoners then this is the band for you,this album that ive chosen to upload is from 1999 and im really getting into it,so looking forward to listening to the others, to me these are a new band,if you have heard of them before then please pass on any info you may have on them.
ive been informed by some one viewing the post of this blog which contains quite a lot of  Satelliters releases,many thanks to this person for doing so, the power of the internet!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Please on this day give a thought for the brave men and women who gave so much

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Thursday, 4 November 2010


Bit of a late 70s pub rock listening going on this week here on fire,this is wilkos 1st album release on leaving the feelgoods, Dr Feelgood where one of the 1st bands who's music i took notice off, even tho i didnt know who they where at the time, a truly awesome band and one of the world's greatest (and underated) guitarist,wilko johnson, the sharp suits and the machine gun delivery of his playing makes him one of the true greats,Enjoy this trip back to 1978!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


This is the 1st post of the month, or not such a post! this is the 1st time ive had to add to the blog as the last few days since my last post have been busy! got a few local sheffield bands to blog when i get the time, one of these bands will interest all you mods out there as the band in question was from 1979-80 and had a big mod following, couple more current sheffield bands so if you like the fall and captain beefheart then they may just be up your street as they say in these parts!