Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Secret Affair sheffield academy  2nd october 2010, 1st time in nearly 30 years a reformed affair play sheffield,saw these years ago at the sheffield city hall and probably most of tonights 150-200 where at that same gig! very much a mid 40s audience in the smaller of the 2 rooms at the 02, support act Purple Hearts cancelled and where replaced by a DJ.

it was a great run thru of all the secret affair tunes we have come to know and love over 30 years
 "Let your heart dance"
"My world"
"Time for action"
"Glory boys"
"Going to a go go"
the list goes on, page is still class when playing trumpet although with a few extra pounds to blow out! 

im not sure of the exact line up of the night,but obviously ian page and dave cairns are still in the band, we where treated to a full set of secret affair classics from

"Glory boys"

"Behind closed doors"

"Business as usual"

and all the hits as well, and due to lots of beer im not exactly sure of the entire set list, the biggest cheer of the night was for "Time For Action" and if im honest it didnt come across very well! strange as it was always one of there strongest songs, however as usual the sound in the academy 2 was too loud again, so you couldnt tell much of what ian page was saying between songs

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  1. Thanks 4 the post,great to see,yea Ian put a few pounds on hey,we all have!lol! Daz the mOd!