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Released in april 1992 this was weller's first solo album, it was a start back on the road to his highly successful solo career,the edition i have of this album is the japanese release on freedom high records which i had on order for what seemed like ages when i came home and found it on the hallway mat! the tracklisting differ from other releases of  and the running order has been altered i think, the track "New thing" which is a different recording from the "Into tomorrow" version was replaced by the "strange museum" on all other releases.the japanese version comes in a 4 panel digipak with a booklet containing photos and lyrics in both english and japanese along with a small bookmark.

Uh Huh Oh Yeh
I Didn't Mean to Hurt You
Remember How We Started
Above the Clouds
Round and Round
Into Tomorrow
Amongst Butterflies
Bitterness Rising
New Thing
the running order for the UK release of this album is slightly different with "new thing" been replaced by "strange museum"
the album has a very acid jazz laid back feel to it, with funky brass and guitars, flutes and percussion etc,i couldnt really pick out any one standout track,although the mighty "Kosmos" ends the album  on a incredibile high, when you think its over the riff comes bursting back out at you,"Bullrush" is also a stand out song, with the Psychedelic ending which runs into "magic bus" by the who on live performances of this song.

The single "Into tomorrow" with the strong guitar riff and pounding organ at the end was a truly awesome weller comeback single,which at one time was fetching £60+ although now it can be picked up quite easy on Ebay, i bought this single for something like 50p from Woolworths in Meadowhall, it was in a bucket by  the counter which had loads of copies of this cd in, imagine the money that could be made now on all that lot!
"Round and round" when played live runs  into "Dominoes" listening to this album nearly 18 years after release it still sounds fresh and exciting with riffs, feedback and a bit of everything going off in the background, one thing i think weller did well was the instrumental breaks between tracks, featuring saxophone, flute etc, something that he later did with various remixes of "Kosmos",
This is truly a great album to revisit, especially after the success of "Wake up the nation" as i can hear certain sounds that reappear from this 1st album,Ive included several scans of the booklet and the covers of this album, as with most japanese releases you always get a lot for your money, they always seem to be better presented then the standard uk releases in the cheap plastic jewel cases.

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