Saturday, 16 October 2010


These are 2 mini cd/eps available to download from amazon, at the price of £1.69 they are an absolute bargain!
  "Guns for the afghan rebels" 
"Last night another soldier"
"Kids on the street"
"Sticks diary"
the stand out track on this 1st one is "Kids on the street" with a stand out guitar riff, i was never a big fan of the upstarts all those years ago,i bought the first few singles and saw them once at sheffield marples but i think these are really good songs and a reflection of the early 80s, with of course "Guns for the afghan rebels" as still relevant today as it was 30 years, the same goes for "Last night another soldier" strange how time moves on but we still live with the same issues.

        Second ep comes from 1981 
    "Two million voices" 
"Your're nicked"
"I understand (part 3)"
"New values"
again 4 excellent pounding punk tracks from the north easts finest,  "Two million voices" hammers along at you like a train with a great chorus and a great chant! "Your're nicked" is the story of mensi getting nicked by the local plod with a great saxohone riff as the mainstay of the song, the song "I understand (part 3)" is the upstarts attempt at reggae and the final track a reprise of there 1st single "Who killed liddle towers"
at the great price of less then £3.50 there is  8 great early 80s punk tracks!!


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