Monday, 27 September 2010


This is a series of books by rotherham mod and punk Tony Beesley, charting the beginnings of punks and mods in the sheffield/rotherham/barnsley/chesterfield areas of south yorkshire and north derbyshire, over 400 pages of accounts by a lot of people who from an early age who got into the punk and mod movements,and 1st hand accounts of early gigs by the Sex Pistols,Clash,The Jam at various south yorkshire venues,these books are surely the bible for punks,mods,skins, rude boys from this area, and an essential book charting the history of punk,Out Of Control is about the punk venues of the Doncaster Outlook and the Rotherham Windmill which over a short period of time hosting an amazing list of top punk and new wave artists.
Filled with rare and photos of early punks and punk gigs plus  rare memorabilia.these books are a must!!

These books are available in Wh Smiths, Waterstones, Amazon and Ebay, or direct from the website

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