Thursday, 23 September 2010


this is the compilation album from 1993 on Mau Mau records, the album i have is a copy sent to me a few years ago by somebody who's name ive forgot! its basically all the singles and songs that where recorded around the time the band where on stiff records, who eventually dropped them and hung on to the mastertapes of this 1st album which eventually saw the light of day in 2003 as substance, having not checked up on that version im not sure if it has the same tracks as "Is vic there?" department s will be remembered for the classic single of the same name, but to me they where better then just one single and this album is really good, other singles namely "going left right," and "i want" serve as a great reminder of a very underrated band, who started off as punk/ska combo Guns for Hire,which included one time madness drummer, john hasler, in 2007 the band reformed although obviously without the late great Vaughan Toulouse and recorded with  Glen matlock and marco pirroni contributing to it, i was lucky to see the original lineup twice years ago, once at the sheffield limit and once supporting the jam at the michael sobell centre in london maybe in 81,the line up of the band was
Vaughan toulouse -vocals
mike herbage-guitar
tony lordan -bass
mark taylor - keyboards
stuart mizon-drums

1 Of All The Lost Followers
2 Just Pretend 
3 Romany Blood 
4 I Want 
5 Fighting Irish 
6 Is Vic There? 
7 Going Left Right 
8 Age Concern 
9 Somewhere Between Heaven And Tesco's 
10 Whatever Happened To The Blues
11 Ode To Koln 
12 Clap Now 
13 Monte Carlo Or Bust 
14 Is Vic There? (Italian Version) 
15 She's Expecting You
16 Put All The Crosses In The Right Boxes
17 Solid Gold Easy Action

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