Sunday, 12 September 2010


These where one of the first mod bands i had the pleasure of seeing over 30 years ago, so a rare appearance in sheffield was a must! supported by the killermeters from huddersfield, yet another great mod band from the early 80s and a newish band from liverpool called the universal,who i thought where very good, although i only caught the last 3 songs, next up an old 79-80 local favourite in the shape of huddersfield's killermeters,they played a set of around 30 mins and where totally brilliant,playing crowd pleasers such as "SX225" and "TWISTED WHEEL" these songs took me back! it was also nice to see the band in the audience before and after having a beer with the fans and enjoying the chords! what a change from the prima donnas today!

The chords entered the stage around 9.15 to big applause, the line up, although 30 years older still looked like them oldselves, especially brett "buddy" ascott not looking a day older, the set was made up of most of "So far Away" and a couple of songs which hence my ignorance i didnt know,all the old singles such as "Maybe Tomorrow" "Something's Missing" "British way of life" "Now its gone" and especially "So far away" each song was greeted by great excitment by a totally dedicated crowd of old mods, skinheads and scooterboys. an encore followed with the crowd going crazy down the front, a truly awesome night that im glad i didnt miss!

many thanks to the person who uploaded the clip of this gig to youtube! dont know your name but hope its ok to use it.


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