Monday, 27 September 2010


This is a series of books by rotherham mod and punk Tony Beesley, charting the beginnings of punks and mods in the sheffield/rotherham/barnsley/chesterfield areas of south yorkshire and north derbyshire, over 400 pages of accounts by a lot of people who from an early age who got into the punk and mod movements,and 1st hand accounts of early gigs by the Sex Pistols,Clash,The Jam at various south yorkshire venues,these books are surely the bible for punks,mods,skins, rude boys from this area, and an essential book charting the history of punk,Out Of Control is about the punk venues of the Doncaster Outlook and the Rotherham Windmill which over a short period of time hosting an amazing list of top punk and new wave artists.
Filled with rare and photos of early punks and punk gigs plus  rare memorabilia.these books are a must!!

These books are available in Wh Smiths, Waterstones, Amazon and Ebay, or direct from the website

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Heres a live recording i found on dime, great gig,great band!many thanks to the lad who uploaded it.


The clash live at sheffield top rank, this ive had around 7 or 8 years, its a short recording, im not sure if the rest of the gig is available somewhere else,but having stood the  test of time its still a good recording of the clash, they where supported at this gig by richard hell and the voidoids who surprising got bottled off, by the "Punk Elite" strange as if it hadnt been for richard hell and a few more musos we would still be listening to 15 minute guitar solos and sitting crosslegged watching a gig! 


this is the compilation album from 1993 on Mau Mau records, the album i have is a copy sent to me a few years ago by somebody who's name ive forgot! its basically all the singles and songs that where recorded around the time the band where on stiff records, who eventually dropped them and hung on to the mastertapes of this 1st album which eventually saw the light of day in 2003 as substance, having not checked up on that version im not sure if it has the same tracks as "Is vic there?" department s will be remembered for the classic single of the same name, but to me they where better then just one single and this album is really good, other singles namely "going left right," and "i want" serve as a great reminder of a very underrated band, who started off as punk/ska combo Guns for Hire,which included one time madness drummer, john hasler, in 2007 the band reformed although obviously without the late great Vaughan Toulouse and recorded with  Glen matlock and marco pirroni contributing to it, i was lucky to see the original lineup twice years ago, once at the sheffield limit and once supporting the jam at the michael sobell centre in london maybe in 81,the line up of the band was
Vaughan toulouse -vocals
mike herbage-guitar
tony lordan -bass
mark taylor - keyboards
stuart mizon-drums

1 Of All The Lost Followers
2 Just Pretend 
3 Romany Blood 
4 I Want 
5 Fighting Irish 
6 Is Vic There? 
7 Going Left Right 
8 Age Concern 
9 Somewhere Between Heaven And Tesco's 
10 Whatever Happened To The Blues
11 Ode To Koln 
12 Clap Now 
13 Monte Carlo Or Bust 
14 Is Vic There? (Italian Version) 
15 She's Expecting You
16 Put All The Crosses In The Right Boxes
17 Solid Gold Easy Action

Saturday, 18 September 2010


A classic album from 1980, heres another album that ive had a revisit to recently, that i havnt listened to in 25 years,i was in a shop recently and "News at ten" was on the radio in the background and on hearing the start of it i was waiting for the lyrics to kick in so i could put a name to the song, when they did i found myself  singing it in my head (nearly) word for word! ive got the album on vinyl upstairs in the loft, but to make life easier i downloaded it to play on my walkman or the house stereo,yet again another album that takes me back to my youth aged 16 in 1980 and some of the memories of the good times i had from around that time, yet again going from schoolboy to working man!
I got into the vapors thru my best mate at school who was mad on them, it was thru the jam connection as well that they where worth a closer look at, with a lineup of
David Fenton, guitar, vocals and songwriter
Edward bazalgette,lead guitar
Howard Smith, drums
Steve Smith  bass.
they where discovered by the jam's bruce foxton who also managed the band along with john weller,and played quite a few support slots for the jam during 1980-81,obviously the vapors are best remembered for the hit single "Turning japanese" but this album is surely a classic early "britpop" album that got overshadowed by the success of  "Turning japanese"
1."Spring Collection"
2."Turning Japanese"
3."Cold War"
7."News at Ten"
9."Sixty Second Interval"
10."Waiting for the Weekend"
11."Letter from Hiro"
The album is a statement of the early 80s with the title a pun on nuclear which was a big issue around that time,with the cover featuring a tv weather report with a map of the uk with a mushroom cloud over london and the sign for nuclear radiation replacing the temperature sign, going back to the single, "News at ten" its a story about the generation gap and the fear of ending up as complacent as your parents, the one i think is a classic from this album is ""Letter from Hiro", the album's lengthy melancholy finale concerns the sense of powerlessness a boy feels as events push towards World War 2, and towards the inevitable ending of his friendship with his more patriotic Japanese penpal ("And when the sun was rising somewhere in the East, and when a flag meant more to Hiro than to me").  my 1st impression of this album years ago was that it was in a similiar vein to the jam's setting sons album following a story of youth, friendships,love and war, in  fact the album was produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven of the jam fame, i think produced with a similar sound to the setting sons LP,i can really recommend giving this album a listen to if you have not already, as its quite a favourite with old jam and weller fans, the vapors followed up with "Waiting for the Weekend" which i think failed to chart, and a further single release in 1981 of "jimmie jones" and the album "Magnets" which again failed to chart and shortly after the vapors split

Monday, 13 September 2010


The last tour by the jam before splitting, i was at the concert and the cover has been designed by myself using my own photos i took at this concert, not the greatest recording but its 28 years old and technology has moved on quite a bit since then. hope you enjoy this as much as i did when i was sent it, it certainly brought a tear to my eye of the memories of that time.

Sunday, 12 September 2010


These where one of the first mod bands i had the pleasure of seeing over 30 years ago, so a rare appearance in sheffield was a must! supported by the killermeters from huddersfield, yet another great mod band from the early 80s and a newish band from liverpool called the universal,who i thought where very good, although i only caught the last 3 songs, next up an old 79-80 local favourite in the shape of huddersfield's killermeters,they played a set of around 30 mins and where totally brilliant,playing crowd pleasers such as "SX225" and "TWISTED WHEEL" these songs took me back! it was also nice to see the band in the audience before and after having a beer with the fans and enjoying the chords! what a change from the prima donnas today!

The chords entered the stage around 9.15 to big applause, the line up, although 30 years older still looked like them oldselves, especially brett "buddy" ascott not looking a day older, the set was made up of most of "So far Away" and a couple of songs which hence my ignorance i didnt know,all the old singles such as "Maybe Tomorrow" "Something's Missing" "British way of life" "Now its gone" and especially "So far away" each song was greeted by great excitment by a totally dedicated crowd of old mods, skinheads and scooterboys. an encore followed with the crowd going crazy down the front, a truly awesome night that im glad i didnt miss!

many thanks to the person who uploaded the clip of this gig to youtube! dont know your name but hope its ok to use it.


Thursday, 9 September 2010


ive had this a long time, i originally bought it in orlando florida from a record store on international drive in 1995, the original disc i sold a few years ago when i needed some cash rather quick!, this is a truly awesome snapshot of early weller solo material.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


                                          THE JAM ROCKPLAST GERMANY 1980

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


It was tea and biscuits all round as PAUL WELLER invited me and my cameras to his Surrey studio for an intimate Biz Session.

The Modfather is one of the favourites to scoop the Mercury Music Prize today with his latest album Wake Up The Nation.
And to celebrate he rounded up a few of his pals to join us for a mini shindig in his barn.
 It was pinch yourself stuff.

There was a strong British theme with a Union Jack drum kit and even a flag on the toilet seat
After drawing songs from his massive back catalogue, Paul played down his chances of success: "I'm just very pleased that the album is getting more recognition that I feel it deserves.

"I dont think I'll win it but am still well pleased that it's in there."
The tee-total star added there will be no huge party if he emerges victorious.
He added: "I'm not drinking at the moment so I won't be getting shi**ed. "Perhaps I'll have an extra sugar in my Ovaltine."
He also labelled his War Child duet with PAUL McCARTNEY on BEATLES classic Come Together as the best day of his life.
Paul said: "It all kind of came together. The Beatles were a huge influence on me and my career so working with Macca was brilliant. NOEL GALLAGHER got involved too. "We rehearsed at Abbey Road. Working with a Beatle in Abbey Road studio was very surreal. I never ever would have dreamt that would happen."