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Here's a few pictures from out and about over the last few weeks,been a bit toooooo much junior football which has got in the way a bit! and not had time to take any photos of the mighty Norton Lees Juniors! too busy making sure they play well!


Here's a few shots of this lovely stretch of river,loads of wildlife,plants,insects,birds,butterflies and most species of freshwater fish, it has it all,and its sandwiched between 2 major roads into sheffield and towards freemans bridge a large steelworks looms over it,you would think you where in the countryside on certain parts of the river where there are no factories,etc to spoil the views!


I called in on my way home from work to have a quick look at the parts as i wanted some fastenings for the S2,not done a rally in 10 years, so it was a quick look around and then home,quite a lot's changed the stalls where ok if you want to buy clothing,badges,stickers,mugs, etc but not for parts,which is a bit of bad news if you need that one thing to mend a breakdown or to get you home the next day! some nice scoots,here's a couple that took my eye,i tend to walk past the scooters with mirrors and union jacks on them,as i dont think they are original, and same with restorations,you get sick of seeing the same scooters in the same colours,but then again thats my own personal opinion!





Monday, 29 July 2013


Here's a great video I found on you tube,I'm not one for trolling for hours on you tube,in fact I don't tend to really go on it.However I thought this was a great snapshot of the great times that as youth's myself included had!the great comradeship and the fun times im not quite sure the youth of today would go to such lengths as we did back then,and all we had was a map,beer and mates! No mobiles,Internet or satnavs to find our way there and back! enjoy! many thanks to the lad who has uploaded these please go and view his other films

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Here's my previous Lambretta,over the years it had various incarnations and colours,engine sizes but it ended up as a super reliable GP200 stage 4 built by Ralph Saxilby well know scooter racer engine builder and all round Nutcase! originally the scooter was an Italian import bought from Armando's in Sheffield, colour was the light blue and obviously came as a DL125 wish i had kept the DL badge now actually, i did loads of miles over the years on it and when i had the money went for a complete rebuild, shopped around a bit as i wanted it all done together,engine rebuild body paint etc, went to MB Developments and they only did engines,as i wasn't confident about putting it all together i didn't bother,few lads i knew on the scene put me on to RS Tuning in doncaster owned by Ralph,if you don't know him, he is a bit hard to get hold of, never answers phone and even thou he has a big shop front he always has the door locked and would be in the workshop round the back,i managed to collar him and had a chat and he was really sound with me,advised me on loads of stuff about what i wanted, some of which i didn't really listen to,but wish i had,started off as him just doing me engine and ended up with complete rebuild, i wanted a 175 top end and he suggested to me a 200 top end,which i eventually went back 2 years later and had! project started in September and after a few visits over the next 6 months it was ready in April,frame had been blasted back to metal,
 forks striped and rebuilt,new panels, all engine block powder coated, same with rims,front dampers added,Kegra Expansion chamber exhaust in stainless fitted, standard GP gearbox,new 

clutch new crank 12 volt Kit fitted,everything was done so neat,loads of rubber added between fixings and panels and headset! it was kind of an in joke with my scooter mates having bits of rubber everywhere! most important was the 175cc top end tuned to a stage 4 with a 28mm dellorto carb,few weeks of messing with carb to get it set up right but once i opened it up,boy this scooter could fly!over that year i put some miles on it, using it for work rallies etc, over 4000 miles i did on it in probably 8 months,towards end of October of that year it was really flying on our way to bridlington for the end of year custom show it was pulling a healthy 70 mph at times and it felt like a bit more was there as well,it would sit and cruise at 55mph-60mph,coming back on a windy Sunday it really flew just as we where getting on to winter it was coming into its own,in 2001 it was out of the shed pretty early that year, loads of rallies come and went it was used for work and at the time me and my wife would go out on Sundays and have a ride out to fox house or ecclesall road to Nonnas the Italian coffee bar people would stop and look and admire, the IOW was a good end to the summer,i was straight back from Greece on the Thursday night and off Friday morning. I was looking to improve it and you always want more speed so back to Ralph's and I had the usual "Told you so" so a 200 casing was sourced and left for ralph to build,over the winter I did the odd thing to it,so come 2002 it was back running and with a few alterations was set to go, engine back in and just running it in,when one Saturday I decided to go the half mile to the cash point,parked up went to the machine turned round and there was a prick reversing into it in a landrover,it got knocked over with the mudguard completely crushed the leg shields damaged forks bent,i went crackers and the guy had the cheek to blame his wife in the passenger seat for not telling him! so it got towed home and the usual insurance pain in the arse,luckily I had some mates who rallied round and we got the odd bodywork to tide me over,eventually all the insurance got sorted and new bodywork painted and ready to go on,i didn't ride it much that year as we where expecting our 1st child and that was the most important thing so the scooter got left a bit, I did a few rallies but not long distance, whilst I still had some spare cash I decided to customise it a little bit,i found a company that would scan and print some of my old favourite record covers on to vinyl think it worked out at £10 each a bargain! as the pictures show they looked rather well and a great job was done by Derek at Absolutely scooters putting them on without creases and the 10 coats of lacquer they had! was well pleased,especially with the one on the legshields,so our son came along and the only rally I did was out in Derbyshire at a Ukrainian scout camp or something! that was 2003 and my last rally, I kind of fell out with the club I was in this was due to changing work patterns and with working nights I just couldn't get to the meetings so I kinda dropped out of the scene,needing a new car for work and family I had to sell the scooter in 2006 which was a hard decision, really regretted it as prices have gone sky high with a lot of "new" faces on the scene,lads who couldn't have scooters when they where young, and now without mortgages have that extra cash,I'm back in the scene a bit and I don't really know many from Sheffield they seem to have sprung up,quite a few of my old club mates just dropped out,in fact quite a few moved on to the VW Beetle and Camper van scene,so I'm back now and lets see how things turn out!

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Monday, 24 June 2013


I've just added a few new Ska  and Trojan badges to the badge website, plus a few new punk badges go to the link below



Thursday, 20 June 2013


 Sheffield Aces Scooter Club meet Wednesdays at the Okeh Café in the nether edge area of Sheffield, great café, and run by and for scooterists,mods, whatever you want to call or name,Anyway 2nd trip on Series 2 with my mate Dave (Li150) and the place is quite full of lads having there teas and drinks and admiring each others scooters for the 100th time, just general stuff we all tend to do,Grabbing the most attention was Russell's new creation, his Lambretta Li125 Series 2 with added Watsonian Side Car,Simply Stunning! loads of admiring glances and people driving past slowly to have a peek,the sidecar was stunning trimmed in a very light brown to match the blue/green paintwork,So anyway back to a nice bit of sausage,eggs and chips, and a quick chat and a run out to the Ranmoor Inn  in the "POSH" Part of Sheffield,30 or so scooters set off back along Abbeydale Road along London Rd and then via Ecclesall Rd where people sat outside the cafes and bars all stopped what they where doing to take in this great sight of lambrettas and vespas in different colours and arrangements thrash along, We got to Hunters Bar to turn left and oh dear I'm holding the clutch in and its wanting to go,looks like my clutch cable is going,quick drop down in to neutral and I'm safe,couple more turns and we are climbing up a steep hill towards ranmoor and as we get to the top theres a few cars coming and the scooter is creeping forward so I stalled it and pushed it across the road to the pub!On entering the pub one of the lads had spotted the Piano in the corner and was thrashing out a cracking tune to the delight of the locals,so I got a drink and wandered back outside,tool kit out panels off and a quick adjustment of the clutch cable and its sorted!

What i need to do is have a couple of hours going thru stuff like this lately i've just not had the time,so a quick blast back down to broomhill and then towards ecclesall rd and we are racing each other back up woodseats road towards home!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


A long time in the making!! Eleven months,give or take,over 50 viewings,2 daft offers,and finally a buyer! So here we are in frantic mode,and we are moving to a house we viewed 4 years ago when it was a wreck,its now completely renovated,these things are mean't to be!
RESULT!!! As the Ramones once said "Stay tuned for more rock and roll" Or tales of moving house and woe.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


So hows that for a rear brake adjuster? Dont think theres anything left in that spring whatsoever! Im quite sure the previous owner never bothered taking the panels off and regularly checking these things.

Here's the front dampers,rusted,seized and useless,So what next? Probably engine oil change and the stainless floor runners replaced with good ole fashioned plastic and a lot safer,bit of rain and the boards become slippy.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


So here we are,1st trip out on series 2, all tested and safe! Wednesday nights is sheffield Aces club meet at the okeh cafe on Abbeydale road(see previous post) the club has been going a couple of years,made up with a mixture off old and new "faces" my son's friends dad has also got a scooter so we paired up, the series2 felt ok,it cut out on me at a junction but otherwise was ok,i think the carb needs tweaking but otherwise it's ok,around 25 scooters made it;with a few having a run out to castleton and the rest went to a meet out in dinnington where a few other clubs arranged to meet.
Me and dave? Well we stopped at cafe and chatted! Then a quick trip home, One step at a time!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Been a long long month has May! the 1st Saturday saw our last game of the season at home to Middlesbrough fc and a win would keep us in the championship,no need to hope and pray that other teams would keep us there, 2 first half goals First-half goals from Steve Howard and Leroy Lita  made sure of the win,although the 2nd half was a none starter really,middlesbrough had nothing to play for really and it was just going thru the motions 2nd half,the usual pitch invasion at the end of the game, not quite as big as last year's but still worthy! So on to next season and don't think we will be buying season tickets, moneys a bit tight and to be honest my heart isn't in it anymore,other things and besides we missed a few games this year as my son was out playing with his mates,like 10 year olds do
The following weekend my son's Sunday team Norton Lees Juniors where having a weekend away at chapel st Leonard's NR  Skegness  couple of days of having a bit of fun,on the Saturday a few games against local U10 teams,Friday at 3.30 saw us setting off from his school picking him up as he came out,car all loaded up and off we went, just after 6ish we pulled into the Golden Palms Resort at Chapel St Leonards, booked in found our caravan for the weekend and off to the Maid Marian Pub,where a couple of his mates where all ready there and gone! he was off with them,a few more arrived and by 8.30 there was 14 ten year old kids running around in and out of the amusements having the time of there lives! couple of pints and off to the chip shop, for chips and fish for my wife and pizza and chips for myself! so 11.30 comes around and time to wander back to the caravan.
Next day we are all up and meeting to follow a convoy to the pitches where they are playing some games,a nice 5 mile drive thru the flatland of Skegness and we are pulling into a nice little football pitch with a cafe and toilets at the ready! boy its cold! theres a wind coming off the sea and its freezing,our team didn't take it serious the lads all swapped positions around with my son playing in goal for a half and letting 2 in,he made up for it in the next game with a cracking 1 on 1 goal, the weather got a bit colder and it started raining so with 4 games played it was time to go back to the caravan site and the kids all got straight in the indoor pool, good job as well,as it started raining and was hammering it down for about an hour with the roads and paths flooding,bit of tea in the pub and my son was off with the lads so we ventured up to the beach,and had some time away from everybody else, I love beaches it was pretty empty and just looked awesome,we wandered back down and had a drink in a pub which was very quiet and then back to the main pub base, the karaoke was flowing and some of the parents got up and showed themselves up as per usual! the rest of the night is vague as I just had too much to drink,so Sunday was home time day and the lads had one last session in the pool and then home, our lad was shattered and he fell asleep in the car going home which he never does.
The Specials! yes a long time since I've seen this band, 1981 in fact,seen them a couple of times, once on the 1979  2 Tone Tour and once at Rotherham Clifton park,had the tickets a while and we found out that Neville Staples wasn't in the band! few beers before the gig in the pub across the road and my mate sold his ticket and one of the lads didn't even bother turning up! at £40 near enough its too much money for a ticket to be sat at home doing nowt! good gig and lots of old faces from 30 years ago and some who really need to grow up a bit and act there fucking age!,as my usual stance I stood near the back until the encore and then pushed down to the front,hence some close up photos!
Small matter of a Cup Final, my lads team have had a good season,finishing 2nd in the league just losing out on the title in the last game against the eventual winners, so to make amends they wanted to win this badly, with the teams playing 2 games as its still u10s the 1st game ended 1-1 the 2nd game ended 3-0 giving the lads an overall win of 4-1 enough to lift the cup! they have done well with having a winning season only losing one game,but the future is uncertain as they now go to 9v9 and they have to drop 4 players if a manager doesn't come forward to take on another team as that's the idea to run two teams of 12, I'm not sure if my lad has made the squad even tho he ended the season with 17 goals and he is a good passing player,Ive thought about taking the other team on but I may not have the time.
So final football night and it was the league presentation night in Barnsley, as they finished 2nd in there league they all got a medal,it was one of those nights where you just turned up and got your medal and left quickly! with it being a week night there was school and work the next day and plus most of us went in cars it was a no drinking night, so that was a busy month and a bank holiday of having a rest, apart from a trip to the Chinese buffet and the pictures!!